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Lisa Keenan

Founding Partner

I am Zimbabwean by birth, an accountant by training, a creative in my soul and a mother by grace. Having grown up in South Africa as apartheid was falling I went to London to seek my fortune. After a brief and lucrative, but dull stint in finance, I landed on my feet at Brunswick, the leading global communications firm, and never looked back.

Moving to Australia, my adopted homeland, I’ve been lucky to work inside companies and outside them. I love business, understanding how companies work, how leaders lead, and how brands are built.

I love the energy of capital markets, the challenge of complexity, and satisfaction of finding solutions through advice or identifying talent. Mostly I love people - meeting people, connecting people and coaching them to be the best they can be. I want to work side by side with my clients through dark days, towards impossible victories and in moments that matter.