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Olivia Reith


I grew up in the country where most of my time was spent adventuring outdoors including riding my bike to the mail box 1 kilometre away to collect the newspapers. I loved unrolling the papers and taking in what had made the front page and was known to pen regular letters to editors, business leaders and politicians to share my views and offer up very sound ideas and advice on matters of the day. This was where my enjoyment of thinking through issues and problem solving as well as my enduring interest in current affairs, business, capital markets, politics, media and leadership began. After graduating from University with a Bachelor of Arts, I worked in communications consulting firms in Melbourne and after further study in Applied Finance and Investment moved to the UK where I spent several years working in investor relations. The arrival of our young family prompted me to take a career break for a few years and after arriving back in Australia I returned to investor relations at Myer before joining Nightingale. I am energised by working alongside colleagues who share my values and I laugh with regularly and by our commitment to thinking differently to help clients on their journey and the great candidates we work with as they navigate their careers.